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In 1993, FELLER formulated its first Environmental Policy Statement and maintains an Environmental Management System.
FELLER complies with the new RoHS Directive: EU-Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE)
EU-Directive 2011/65/EU and EU-Directive 1907/2006 EG (REACH -compliant)


We are pleased to announce that Feller is Compliant with the new change in UL Marking for Listed Power Supply Cords.

The purpose of this bulletin is to inform end product manufacturers that procure UL Listed Power Supply Cords (PSC) of a revised marking requirement for power supply cords.

Effective July 1, 2015, all UL Listed power supply cords shall be required to bear the appropriate mark on the plug body depending on the appropriate region as shown below


As part of UL’s goal to continue to improve the integrity of the UL Mark and to differentiate UL Certified power supply cords from other certifiers, UL will be requiring that the “UL” in a circle be molded on the body of the attachment plug.

Having the “UL” in a circle molded on the plug will help to identify that the complete PSC is UL Listed.  Users of a PSC where the flexible cord bears the UL Mark could easily assume that the complete PSC is UL Listed, when in reality; only the flexible cord is Listed. It is important that users of PSC can clearly identify that the PSC is UL Listed, especially after the packaging, including the holographic label, has been removed.

Please note the use of the “UL” in a circle molded on the attachment plug is in addition to and not in lieu of the use of the holographic labels on the packaging, as both are needed as evidence of UL coverage.

Any UL Listed PSCs that you may have in inventory that were labeled before July 1, 2015, are still Listed, and can be used in production of your end products.


FELLER finished tooling and received already approval for the
NEW 10A and 20A plug for BRASIL

BRASILIEN Stecker Neu 10 Ampere Prüfzeichen BRASILIEN
BRASILIEN Stecker Neu 20 Ampere